Thursday, April 2, 2009

Congratulations PM Lee!!!

I would like to congatulate our dearest PM Lee for being place in the 1st position in among the 10 best paid politicians in the world. How wonderful is that! Singaporeans should be happy because this is another first for our belove Singapore! Even though we are just a tiny red dot, even though we are not a world super power, even though we are not the leader of the world, he still get to earns abt $3.76 million per year! How cool is that?

Mind you, the world leader, His Excellency, the honourable Mr Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, is on the 3rd placing, earning only $400 000! Well we shall be proud of it, don't we? But personally i feel, the survey done is a little screwed. This is because if they really take into account of the 10 best paid politicians in the world, then our dear President, Minister Mentor and our Ministers will surely occupy the top 10 placing! That'll be another achievement for us! So we should protest and complain that the top 10 position should belong to the Singapore Ministers! We should demand for it!!!

I think its time for us to celebrate our new achievement! Its time for celebration! PM Lee makes Singapore and Singaporeans proud! He gets to earn such big money while there is still the homeless, the beggars and the needys out there on the streets of Singapore. He gets to earn such big money when our poor is only receiving about $370 per month from the governtment. He gets to earn such big money when people are being retrenched, facing financial difficulties and having their pay cut! He gets to earn such big money when our senior citizens still have to go out and work, collecting cardboards, rummaging through the rubbish bins to search for empty cans just so that they can earn a living, to survive through the day....

Singaporeans are facing a high cost of living. Transportation cost is up. Even food cost is up. Whatever you name it, everything is going Up, Up and UP!!! For example the GST, from 3% goes up to 5% and now its 7%! And partly because it is needed to help increase the salary of our dear leaders. Our compassionate and caring leaders. Its the responsibilty of each and every Singaporean to ensure that our dear leaders are having a good life, a good pay and to ensure that they are not being corrupted easily. Coz they are easily tempted and their morals are easily shaken if their pay is low...

Well, shouldn't each and everyone of us feel proud about it? Its truly, UNIQUELY SINGAPORE!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Resignation From Workers' Party

With immediate effect from Monday, 30th March 2009, i am officially no longer a member of the Workers' Party. I have already tendered my resignation to Mr Low Thia Kiang (Secretary-General, WP) and also to Miss Sylvia Lim (Chairperson, WP).

This decision has been taken after a few sleepless nights thinking of the pro's and con's of my action. It's quite a painful decision to make as i still loves the party whole heartedly. But this is the choice which i have to make, i've got to make.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thanks both SG and Chairperson for all the advice, support and guidance given during my time in WP. I sincerely and truly appreciate it.

Not forgetting all my comrades in WP. Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Will always treasure the moments we had together in the party.

Last but not least,i sincerely wish WP all the best in the coming Election. May Aljunied GRC fall this time round... God Bless...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I almost puke out what i had for supper just now while reading about the news that our National Flower had been name after a murderer from Burma! I was truely shock and disgusted by the news!

The whole world had known of the brutalities of the Burmese junta, how they had oppressed the people, stripe of their pride and dignity, and how they had killed the monks and the innocents, not so long ago. The international community condemns this brutalities of the Burmese junta towards its own people and yet right here in Singapore, we welcome this murderer with an open arm, an even named the orchid after him! Not only that, he even received a free gift from the SCDF Commissioner! TOTALLY SHAMEFUL!!!

Injustice has been done towards our national flower! As a Singaporean, i truely feel ashame and disgusted by this truely shocking event! As a Singaporean who strongly believes in Democracy and Human Rights, i am saddened that we have taken this path to glorify a murderer whose country has been sanctioned by the world over the brutalities and lack of democracy. Many innocent lives had been lost to this murderer. The Burmese people are living in fear and misery. Everyday is a struggle for them, a struggle to keep their family together, a struggle to feed and keep their family alive! And what are we doing to help find the solution for the Burmese people, to help ease their pain and misery, to help them gain back their long lost freedom?

If this governtment believe that to resolve this issues, they need to engage with the Burmese junta, please at all cost, go ahead if it helps. If it helps lead Burma to democracy and respect of human rights and the freeing of Aung San Suu Kyi from being under house arrest, by all means do so.But not to the extent to name the Orchid, the pride of Singapore and Singaporeans after the murderer! Yes indeed, some people may find it ridiculous to cook up a storm over what they may consider as a petty issue, but to me its not.

This is about national pride we are talking about. So what's next? Why don't we also name our national flower after Pol Pot or Hitler? A line has got to be drawn to what steps can be taken in engaging the Burmese junta and i believe that we had crossed that line in trying to please the murderer. I am truely saddened and disgustedby this turns of events. The image of our beautiful Orchid has been tarnish forever in my eyes....

This orchid naming after a criminal has certainly, in my personal point of view, tarnish the image of our national flower, and that of Singapore in the eyes of the world.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Time For A Coalition

I think the time is now ripe for the alternative parties in Singapore to come together and form a Coalition to face the PAP in this coming GE. By now, all the alternative parties in Singapore should have learnt of the Malaysian Pakatan Rakyat success in the recent Malaysian election.

3 different political parties, consisting of the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS), Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Democratic Action Party (DAP), each with different goals and objectives, have manage to put their differences aside and come together as one under the Pakatan Rakyat banner. Through this coalition, they manage to win 5 states, causing great distress and embarassment to the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN). This is a lesson to be learnt by all the alternative parties in Singapore. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Frankly speaking, i do not understand why the different parties here could not come together as one. Is it because of the differences in ideologies, approaches, goals and objectives? Or is it because of personal grudges each have against each other or because of their personal ego? Why can't the differences be put aside, and we work together as one? I strongly believe that the current alternative parties we have here do complement each other. We should use each other strength to our advantage.

Whether you are from the WP, SDP, SPP or whichever parties there is, you are facing a common foe. You must always remember that. And at the end of the day, you should know and realise that the interest of Singapore and Singaporeans should come first,more than anything else. The alternative parties must not forget that they should be the voice for the people. They should stand up for the people.

That's why i strongly believe that the time has come for the different alternative parties to come together as one. When you come as one, you'll be stronger and won't be left alone to die a painful death. When you come as one, you'll form a formidable challenge to the PAP. And hopefully with all the manpower, resources combine, there will be no more walkover GRC's and MP's and Ministers who do not have the mandate from the people.

I like to take this opportunity to appeal to all the alternative parties here to consider coming together and form a coalition just like the Pakatan Rakyat. If PAS, PKR and DAP can put their differences aside, why can't WP, SDP, SPP etc do the same? UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL...