Thursday, April 2, 2009

Congratulations PM Lee!!!

I would like to congatulate our dearest PM Lee for being place in the 1st position in among the 10 best paid politicians in the world. How wonderful is that! Singaporeans should be happy because this is another first for our belove Singapore! Even though we are just a tiny red dot, even though we are not a world super power, even though we are not the leader of the world, he still get to earns abt $3.76 million per year! How cool is that?

Mind you, the world leader, His Excellency, the honourable Mr Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, is on the 3rd placing, earning only $400 000! Well we shall be proud of it, don't we? But personally i feel, the survey done is a little screwed. This is because if they really take into account of the 10 best paid politicians in the world, then our dear President, Minister Mentor and our Ministers will surely occupy the top 10 placing! That'll be another achievement for us! So we should protest and complain that the top 10 position should belong to the Singapore Ministers! We should demand for it!!!

I think its time for us to celebrate our new achievement! Its time for celebration! PM Lee makes Singapore and Singaporeans proud! He gets to earn such big money while there is still the homeless, the beggars and the needys out there on the streets of Singapore. He gets to earn such big money when our poor is only receiving about $370 per month from the governtment. He gets to earn such big money when people are being retrenched, facing financial difficulties and having their pay cut! He gets to earn such big money when our senior citizens still have to go out and work, collecting cardboards, rummaging through the rubbish bins to search for empty cans just so that they can earn a living, to survive through the day....

Singaporeans are facing a high cost of living. Transportation cost is up. Even food cost is up. Whatever you name it, everything is going Up, Up and UP!!! For example the GST, from 3% goes up to 5% and now its 7%! And partly because it is needed to help increase the salary of our dear leaders. Our compassionate and caring leaders. Its the responsibilty of each and every Singaporean to ensure that our dear leaders are having a good life, a good pay and to ensure that they are not being corrupted easily. Coz they are easily tempted and their morals are easily shaken if their pay is low...

Well, shouldn't each and everyone of us feel proud about it? Its truly, UNIQUELY SINGAPORE!